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Advance Biogas

Forage Feedstock Enhancer

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Biogas Enhancing Forage Treatment

Advance enhances forage based feedstocks, maximising the energy release, preserving and maintaining the stability of the forage feedstock.

Energy in the form of gases produced from the ensiling process, such as methane, can be used to heat local farms and produce energy for the national electricity grid networks. Ensiling is the most efficient and cost effective method to preserve the harvested forage. Achieving effective fermentation is of utmost importance in producing high-quality silage. Lowering pH as quickly as possible is key to maintaining nutrient value as well as creating less favourable conditions for undesirable microorganisms. To maintain the aerobic stability in silage is critical as yeasts and moulds are major factors in aerobic spoilage. 

The unique formulation in Advance Biogas works to effectively ferment the forage, preserving the valable energy within the crop and enabling an increase in energy release from the plant fibres.

The Solution

Advance Biogas is formulated according to the type of forage.

Crops treated with enzymes have more metabolisable energy for use in anaerobic digestion, thereby assisting the increase in the final biogas yield.

If more plant material can be broken down by the actions of enzymes, such as those in Advance inoculants, as well as increased dry matter from reduction of losses in the preservation cycle, more efficient electricity can be produced from the same amount of silage inputed to the system. 


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