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Probiotic Live Yeast for Monogastrics

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UltraCell is Volac’s registered strain of live probiotic yeast, selected for animal nutrition.

UltraCell is a zootechnical feed additive (4b1871) containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R404.

UltraCell has been screened and selected for its ability to control a number of metabolic pathways, in particular it has an ability to scavenge oxygen, is effective against pathogens and inhibits toxin production.

Feed ingredients which include probiotic compounds can help in the process of colonisation of, and establishment of beneficial micro-organisms. 

UltraCell is available in a thermo-tolerant mill pack form, suitable for monogastric species.

The Solution

In trials, swine treated with UltraCell in their diet showed improvements in average daily live-weight gain (ADLG), lower mortality rates and improved health, in comparison to the untreated group.  Moreover, UltraCell has shown to improve sow milk quality and quantity, stabilise gut microflora, increase crude fibre digestibility, supply more energy for milk production, higher dry matter, protein and fat content in colostrum and milk and also improve immunoglobulins in colostrum and milk.

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UltraCell Swine Leaflet

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