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UltraCell R

Probiotic Live Yeast for Ruminants

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UltraCell is Volac’s registered strain of live probiotic yeast, specifically selected for use in dairy nutrition; supporting the rumen's natural function.

UltraCell is a zootechnical feed additive (4b1871) containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R404.

It is registered to increase milk production in dairy cows and trials have shown UltraCell to increase milk by an average of 2.7kg/cow/day, with no compromises to fat or protein yield.


The Solution

UltraCell has been screened and selected for its ability to control a number of metabolic pathways, in particular it has an ability to scavenge oxygen, is able to metabolise lactic acid, stimulates fibre degrading bacteria and can also degrade Zearalenone in the rumen.

It is a live young yeast, air dried into a dormant state, so that it is ready to wake up and multiply as it enters the rumen.

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